General Airport Information

    General info

    Location: 1,5 NM SSE of city of Sint-Truiden
    Normal opening hours: 10:00 till SS LMT (earlier closing times possible due to circomstances)
    PPR mandatory:

    • a. Via Tel +32(0)473/97 61 99 or +32(0)11580989 to DAC
    • b. Via email to, or a link at the EBST website ( only if the request is launched, at the latest, 48 Hrs in advance.

    Brustem ATZ

    Lateral limits:

    • 504836N 0050925E
    • 504902N 0051151E
    • 504835N 0051338E
    • 504657N 0051555E
    • 504355N 0051545E
    • 504709N 0050620E
    • 504836N 0050925E
      Vertical limit: 2000 FT AMSL
      ARP: 504731N 0051206E
      Field elevation: 246 FT/76M

    Radio: “Brustem Radio” 119.975 Mhz

    • Compulsory two-way radio contact and communications for arriving and departing aircraft.
    • Basic info only.

    EBST movement area

    Aerodrome: Class II (PPR) and CODE 2 VFR.

    • RWY 24R/06L (CODE 2): 1199M x 50M; ASFH – 9.000 kg MTOW
    • RWY 24C/06C (CODE 1): 530M x 30M; GRASS – 2.000 kg MTOW (1)
    • RWY 24L/06R (CODE 1): 799M x 23M; ASPH – 5.700 kg MTOW (2)
      (1) As back-up only when main RWY closed; No touch & go's; Can be used in case of emergency
      On request to DAC via “BRUSTEM Radio”, as back up only, when exceeding the aircraft crosswind limitations on main RWY
      For helicopter emergency training exercises
      (2) CLOSED UFN

    Orientation: 058°/238°
    Slope: < 1°
    Runways will always be used starting from the displaced thresholds
    Taxiway between the aprons and the threshold RWYs 24


    • North and south of Hangar 41
    • North of Hangar 43
    • South of Hangar 43 (HEL only)

    Support infrastructure:

    • H41: 50°47’22’’N - 005°12’24’’E (airplanes & helicopter staging)
    • H43: 50°47’15‘’N - 005°12’21’’E (airplanes & helicopter staging)
    • Aerodrome office: Hangar 41 (marked with a “C”)


    • AVGAS: At H41- Apron south (airplanes & helicopters)
    • Jet A1: At H41- Apron south (airplanes & helicopters)

    Signal square: Located approximately 50M east of the threshold runway 24R
    Aerodrome windsocks: Located east of the threshold area RWY 24R

    Flights requiring LRA approval:

    • Pilot training
    • Initiation flights (first flights / aerobatics)
    • Training programmes
    • Commercial flights
    • RPAS flights
    • Banner tow flights
    • Hot air balloon departures