Banner Towing

    Banner tow operations

    Only permitted after prior written (mail) consent of the LRA board of directors, via the LRA OPS Director.

    Operations area:

    • Banner pick up: RY 06C/24C
    • Banner release: Grass area between the main runway and the grass runway, in the extension of the thresholds of the grass runway 06C/24C

    Flight execution

    • Fees to be payed to DAC prior to the mission
    • Before proceeding to the movement area and making the necessary preparations for the hook up and release of the banner, the operator/ground assistant and tow pilot have to present themselves first to the DAC
    • The DAC will brief the pilot and ground assistant on local ground-, traffic procedures and communication issues.
    • Pilot will brief DAC on pick up and dropping procedure.
    • DAC will make sure that there is no aircraft taxiing, on the taxiway or on the runway when the banner pick up or release segment of the flight is in progress
    • The DAC will make sure that there is no other aircraft in the pattern as long as the banner aircraft is in the circuit for the banner operation.
    • Before releasing the banner, the pilot will make sure that this action can take place without endangering persons or third parties properties.
    • The pilot will need to be visual with the dropping area and make sure that there is no the local ground aerodrome traffic intervening with his flight path or in the vicinity of the dropping area before releasing the banner.
    • After releasing the banner, the operator/ground assistant will make sure that the banner is removed immediately from the dropping area.
    • Only two persons and a car from the operator will be allowed to proceed to the movement area for preparatory actions.
    • During banner release, these persons and their vehicle shall be positioned at least 50 m from the flight path of the aircraft and the dropping area.