Aircraft sheltering

    LRA offers to his clients different formula's for sheltering of aircraft.
    The most common option for home based aircraft is a yearly contract. However a six month and even a single month option can be requested at any time.
    If none of these formula's fit to a specific request or you want info on pricing, please contact the LRA Support Director and togheter we work out a tailermade solution:

    All home-based aircraft at LRA will be parked inside hangar 41 and 43, but they are not assigned a specific place inside one of the hangars. However, a parking spot will be assigned to each aircraft by the LRA responsible person. Easy access will be provided as much as possible to aircraft flying on a regular basis. Finally, it’s the LRA responsible person who decides in order to optimise space availability for sheltering.

    • Visiting aircrew can park on the apron North of Hangar 41, if full South side can be used. One should always leave the refueling spot accessible.
      If an overnite is requested we can offer sheltering if place is available. For info on availability, please contact Duty Airfield Commander prior departure.

    Aircraft movements on the ground

    • Towing an aircraft in and out of the hangars is the responsibility of the pilot or owner. Third party aircraft may not be moved alone. Minimum two persons are required in order to prevent incidents and damage. LRA BVBA can not be held responsible for any damage caused during these actions.

    • Individuals can request to see video images of damage caused to an aircraft in hangar 41 up to 30 days in the past. A 100 € fee will be charged.


    • Fuel available:
    • AVGAS
    • Jet A1

    • Pilots are responsible for refuelling their aircraft.
    • The grounding cable must always be connected to the aircraft when refuelling.


    • Owners of aircraft, cars and material, parked or hosted at LRA, inside or outside the hangars, have to make sure that they have the proper insurances.