Hot Air Balloons

    Only permitted after prior written (mail) consent of the LRA board of directors through LRA OPS Director . In case of a balloon meeting in addition BCAA authorization is required.

    The organizer/operator should send the application for the launching of a balloon to the BCAA, at least 10 working days before the event.
    The organizer of the balloon meeting will make sure that there is a flight director and a safety observer, both must be approved by the BCAA.

    After coordination with the DAC, the aerodrome will be closed during hot air balloon activity within the BRUSTEM ATZ.

    Operations area:

    • EBR-53
    • For special occasions, as balloon aviation meetings, the RWY06L/24R can be used after approval of aerodrome operator

    Take off fees: Must be payed DAC before using the platform