DJI Unlock Droneport - EBST

    It’s the company/Pilot responsibility to check in advance if their RPA(‘s) require(s) unlocking to operate in the DRONEPORT-EBST areas/zone


    1. Company/Pilot to fill in DJI custom unlock document for EBST
      a. Date of request
      b. Organization/company
      c. Pilot or company responsible
      d. RPA(‘s)
      i. RPA registration number
      ii. Serial number controller
      iii.Rpas type
      e. Company DJI account mail address / phone number
      f. Pilot/company responsible signature
    2. Send filled in and signed document in pdf to:
    3. Droneport OPS director will
      a. Fill in dates from – to according the timeframe of the corresponding flight request
      b. Signe the unlock request document from the company/Pilot
      c. Send back the completed unlock request document, in pdf, to the company/Pilot
    4. The company/Pilot send the EBST approval document for DJI unlocking, as attachment, to:
    5. Or customers can contact for help

      DJI Release document-EBST