General Information

    The RPAS operator/accountable manager must be familiar with the contents of the royal Decree on Drones, dated 10 April 2016, for the exploitation of RPAS.

    • He is responsible for contacting the BCAA to acquire the necessary documents, certificates and licenses, according the type of RPAS, the type of flight and the area or zone he intends to fly in.
    • Regarding the different zones and areas, the following BCAA requirements need to be met before submitting a flight request to LRA:

      • Indoor RPAS flying in Hangar 27:
        1. BCAA requirements and LRA approval not necessary.
        2. Only time slot reservation via the LRA reservation tool (
      • Minimum BCAA requirements for all zones and Drone areas, positioned within the SINT-TRUIDEN ATZ (except for indoor flying):

        1. RPAS with registration number
        2. Pilot license RPAS corresponding the RPAS Class and type of flight (instruction, examination)
        3. Pilot medical certificate
        4. Insurance certificate depending on commercial or non-commercial RPAS activity.
      • Additional BCAA requirements and LRA approval requirements regarding the areas and zones within the SINT-TRUIDEN ATZ: